• Twenty Alternate Uses for Wet Bags
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Twenty Alternate Uses for Wet Bags

We love wet bags!  They are amazing for storing wet and soiled cloth diapers.  They come in super cute prints and solids (if you are in to that).  But did you know they do so much more than that too?   Here is a fun little list compiled from things I have actually done and some contributions on our Facebook page.  Buy a wet bag or three HERE.

Twenty Uses for Wet Bags (Beyond Cloth Diapers)

1.  Swimwear - Wet bags are the perfect choice for transporting wet swim clothes home from the pool, swim lessons, the beach, the lake, wherever you are swimming.

2.  Gym Bag - Wether you prefer the sauna, hot yoga, or just working up a massive sweat, wet bags can keep sweaty clothes from mingling with the other items in your bag.  If you happen to swim at the gym see #1.

3.  "Accident Outfit" Storage - Preschool and even school aged children often need to bring an outfit to school, "just in case" of potty accidents.  A wet bag will keep your child's spare outfit protected from other items in their backpack.  Then if the spare outfit is needed you already have a waterproof bag to take home the wet clothes without creating any waste.

4.  Car Sick Bag - Great to have in the car in case of motion sickness.  Easily folds up for storage and will contain the mess. 

5.  Protects Electronics - Keep expensive electronics inside a wet bag to protect them from moisture when in your bag, traveling, etc.

6.  Protect Documents - Keep passports, itineraries, other important documents together and moisture protected while traveling or out and about. 

7.  Pump Part Storage - Great for keeping pump parts together and prevents leaks.

8.  Ice Pack/Boo Boo Bag - Soft exterior, cold pack or ice on the inside.  Prevents leaks and keeps the outside soft. 

9.  Restaurant Busy Bags - Keep distraction items like coloring pages, small toys, etc. in a small bag for each child. 

10.  Art Supplies - Crayons, Markers, Paint Brushes, Paints, etc. 

11.  Pen/Pencil Bag -  Never lose the pen in your purse or backpacks again.  Plus if one leaks, it won't get everywhere. 

12.  Make-up Bag - Wet bags make great make up containers.  They contain any spills and are washable!

13.  First Aid Kit, Meds Bag - Keep everything you need together in a cute waterproof bag,

14. Dividers in Suitcase - Keep socks and undies together while traveling.  (See #16 too!)

15.  Travel Toiletries - Use wet bags instead of ziplock bags to keep liquids contained while traveling.

16. Travel Hamper - Keep dirty clothes from mixing with clean in your hotel or campsite and on the return trip.

17.  Lunches/Snacks - Keeps food together with no worries about condensation getting on other items in you bag.

18.  Sippy Cup Containment -  Great at the park or on quick trips to keep zippy cup leaks out of your bag or purse.

19.  Doggy Park Toys - Wet bags contain dog slobber too!

20. Momma Cloth/Cup - One bag for clean, another for dirty or a small wet/dry bag work great!
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    Stefanie Bye
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