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Wool Care and Use Facts

  • Wool covers are absorbent and waterproof to a degree but if they get wet, they will need to dry before being used again. When changing a diaper, check the wool to see if it is wet to the touch. If the outside of the diaper or the wool itself is damp, remove the cover and hang to air dry. The best way to do this is on a towel rack, hook, or shower curtain rod. Simply use another cover until the first one is dry. If the wool and the outside of the diaper seem dry, go ahead and re-use the wool.
  • A wool cover is only as good as the diaper underneath it. If you are having leaks, the first thing to consider is the absorbency of the diaper. If the diaper isn't holding wetness, the wool can only do so much. 
  • For wool that is in rotation, it is best to store it in a breathable place that isn't open to the elements. Many people have a specific wool drawer, shelf, or basket they keep their wool in. Regularly inspect the area to make sure there are no bugs or pests nearby and for good measure, cedar planks or blocks will help prevent any critter damage.
  • If wool has a urine smell or offensive stink, it is time to wash and re-lanolize
  • If a child is in a wet diaper in wool for an extended amount of time, the wool will felt (think: wetness+heat+friction= felting)
  • It is possible to cloth diaper with wool using a minimum of 3-5 pieces, however most people have 5-10 for comfortable full time wool cloth diapering.
  • Wool covers retain their value if cared for properly so when diapering days are done, you can usually sell your wool with minimal loss.
  • Some people designate certain wool pieces for night time use in case of felting and also lanolize these particular pieces more heavily.
  • Wool when lanolized is naturally antibacterial, insulates in cold weather to keep the wearer warm, and breathes so it can be worn in the warmest months as well. Wool is perfect year round!

Originally Published 9/5/13 by Lindsey Organ on Bambini Fluff

  • Post author
    Stefanie Bye
  • cloth diaperslanolizingwoolwool care