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Brick and Mortar Store Closing

We would love to thank all of the wonderful customers that have made Planet Bambini so enjoyable to run!

It is now time to go back to our roots as an online store. We will still be in Bakersfield, hold events and supply the area with the best of the best of our current line up.   We will, however, be closing our physical location at 3903 Patton Way.   We will continue to sell our core products through our website. We will release details about local delivery and pick-up options when the transition is complete. Shipping will remain free to all U.S. addresses on orders over $49 once the store closing sell is over.  During the sale the free shipping threshold will temporarily increase to cover real shipping costs.

This decision was a difficult one to make, and we will miss seeing all the families we have gotten used to seeing so often.   Our family is changing now too. We will welcome two new lives to our family in January and want more time to dedicate to them as well as our school age children. We would love to still be able to serve your families needs through our website and local events.

All registries online will remain active and registering with us is still a great way to get the best products for you baby and support local.

All gift certificates issued since July 2015 have an online code and will still be honored. Paper gift certificates without an online code need to be redeemed prior to 11/28/15.

Our rewards program will be changing to an online-based model. In store rewards must be redeemed prior to November 14, 2015.   No new rewards will be earned during our store-closing sale.  All current in store cards with 4 or more filled boxes will be closed out at 5% rewards.

Our store-closing sale will begin today and will continue until we close the doors. Since we are keeping some products, not everything will be discounted. All fixtures are for sale as well as most retail equipment. For more information of fixture sales please come in to the store.


Our space will be available for lease on January 1, 2016. Please contact Leslie Howry for details: 661-342-3355 or 661-392-1748


Sales Details


Sales will begin in store tomorrow, 11/3/15 at 10:00am. Online sales will be posted throughout the week. Not all items will be discounted. We are keeping some lines when we transition to online only.  

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    Stefanie Bye
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