• 10 Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas
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10 Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas

Easter Basket season is here! We hear from a lot of parents wanting to get something besides candy for their child’s Easter Basket. I know I prefer to get useful items for my children’s gifts. We have put together a list of 10 great items you can get to fill your child’s Easter Basket and not one of them contains sugar! 

  1. Wood Toys: We have a bright. Fun collection of wood clutching toys. These are stained with non-toxic color and are safe for chewing. Quality materials will last for years to come!
  2. Pura Bottles: These plastic free stainless steel bottles have interchangeable tops that take your child from bottle nipple to sippy to straw and even a pourable sport top. Some are even insulated!
  3. Amber Necklace: Amber is a natural pain reliever. It is used for teething in small children and all types of pain, including arthritis, in adults. We offer many lengths and multiple closure types to suit your family’s needs.
  4. Baby Paper: Babies go crazy for the crinkly noise and you can be sure they are safe with the soft adorable patterns on the outside! It is so small it is easy to carry with you. Get a few and put one in each bag, the car, or anywhere you need something for baby to do.
  5. Swim Diapers: It will be pool time before you know it! Did you know that most lessons require a reusable swim diaper because they work so much better than the disposable kind. The new swim diapers from GroVia will be available on 3/14/16 in three cute prints.
  6. Mulberry Teether: This easily grab-able ring from Chewbeads comes in bold colors with fun rings to play with and chew on.
  7. Klean Kanteen: Great for older toddlers and big kids! These stainless steel bottles last forever. My big girls carry one to school filled with water everyday. They come in sippy, sport and loop cap styles, all interchangeable. Insulated versions are also available.
  8. Ezpz mini mats: These revolutionary mats stick to flat surfaces without the use of adhesive and this smaller version fits on most high chair trays.
  9. Teething Bunnies: This cure little bunny is soft and cuddly, but when you dip his ears in water and freeze them he becomes a refreshing teether for your little one. Keep his body dry so your child has something soft to hold on to and cold to chew
  10. Calmies: This little ball is addicting to babies. It is easy to grab and the texture is comforting to their gums. 100% natural rubber and all on piece.


Don’t forget to grab a bag of sustainable, reusable eco grass for your baskets too!

  • Post author
    Stefanie Bye
  • basketEastersale