About Us

Planet Bambini is more than a store, we are a community.  We are a community of parents that strive to do the best possible for our families, our planet and our community.  You will find a wide range of parents and philosophies in this community, but the goals are the same: doing the best we can, whenever we can for our families.  

A mom (Stefanie) in search better products for her children founded Planet Bambini in early 2011.  She was not satisfied with what was available locally and knew other parents would be interested in like products if they were available.   Planet Bambini started in three tubs (easily transportable) and grew into a brick and mortar store and community center.   In November or 2015 we returned to our roots as an online store.  Planet Bambini sponsors local community organizations, gives to local charities and hosts community resources.  

We specialize it solutions to teething drama.  We hope you give us the chance to serve you.  Without your support our community cannot thrive.

Thank you!

The Planet Bambini Family