Common Acronyms in the Cloth Diaper World

AC: AppleCheeks

AI2: all in two, usually has a snap in soaker

AI3: all in three (like G-diapers)

AIO: all in one diaper

AP: Attachment Parenting


B4: BubuBebe  

BB: Bottombumpers or Best Bottoms

BF: Breast-feeding or boyfriend

BFP: Big Fat Positive (pregnancy test, BFN =negative)

BG: bumGenius

BSB: Bummis Super Birte, Bright Star Baby

BSRB: Bagshot Row Bamboo

BSWW: Bummis Supper Whisper Wrap

BTDT: Been there, Done that

BTW: By the way

BW: Babywear(ing)

BM: Breastmilk or Bowel Movement


CB: Cotton Babies or Charlie Banana 

CD: cloth diaper

CIO: Cry it Out

CS: Co-Sleep or Charlie's Soap


DCP: Day Care Provider

DD: Dear Daughter (Y in front = Younger, M = Middle, O = Older)

DF: Dear Fiance` 

DH: Dear Husband 

DS: Dear Son (see DD, can also be numbered, e.g. DS2)

DSQ: diaper service quality


EB: Econobum, Earth's Best

EBF: exclusively breastfed 

EC: Elimination communication

EFF: Exclusively Formula Feeding

EO: essential oil

ETA: edited to add

EUC: excellent used condition


FF: Formula Feeding

FFS: free for shipping

FL: front loader (washing machine)

FRB: Flat Rate Box (S, M, L in front of FRB indicates size)

FRE: Flat Rate Envelope

FS: for sale

FSOT: for sale or trade

FT: for trade

FUC: fair used condition

FWIW: For What its Worth


GN: gender neutral

GUC: good used condition

G's: G-Diapers


HC: Hyena Cart

HE: High Efficiency 

HTH: Hope the helps


IDSO: in desperate search of

IL: In Laws (can be preceded with identifying initial, e.g. MIL=mother in law)

IHA: I have available

IMHO: In my humble (or honest) opinion

IMO: In my opinion

IRL: In Real Life

ISO: in search of

ITA: I totally agree


KWIM: Know what I mean?


LO: Little One

LN: like new


MIC: Made in China


NB: newborn

NIP: New in Package or Nursing in Public

NWT: New with tags

NWOT: New without tags


OBV: organic bamboo velour

OBF: organic bamboo fabric

OC: organic cotton

OCV: organic cotton velour

OS: one size - a diaper that usually fits a child from birth up until about 35 lbs

O/T: off topic

OV: organic velour



PF: prefold - diapers with a center strip thickness - they still need to be folded to fit the baby

PL: Potty Learning

PP: PayPal 

PPD: postage paid when shipping, Post Partum Depression anywhere else

PUL: polyurethane laminate, a material used to make diaper covers/wraps, the outer of many pocket diapers or AIOs

"Play Quality": A very "well-loved" diaper, probably just for play or around the house


RLR: is a laundry additive that softens the water and helps remove/prevent build for people who have hard water.

RNG: Rockin' Green


SAHD: stay at home dad

SAHM: stay at home mom

S'bish: Sustainablebabysih

S/O: spin off


TIA: thanks in advance

TL: top loader

TTC: tying to concieve

TTO: tea tree oil


VGUC: very good used condition


WAHD: work at home dad

WAHM: work at home mom

WOHD: work out of home dad

WOHM: work out of home mom